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The Competition

Galapagos Islands competition winners announced.
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Age Range 11-14

Discover what colour worms your local birds prefer.
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Age Range 14-16

What do brine shrimp look for in a mate?
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Age Range 16-19

Explore antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
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Gain a CREST Award Using Survival Rivals

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Not got a kit?

Don't worry if you haven't got a Survival Rivals kit, there are still lots of ways you can take part.

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'Taste test' for Neanderthal DNA

Recent research shows that the taste gene was present in Neanderthals as well as humans.

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About Survival Rivals

Survival Rivals was part of the Wellcome Trust’s offering for Darwin 200. It consists of the three experiment kits I’m a Worm, Get Me Out of Here, Brine Date and The X-Bacteria, as well as the mass participation activity and workshops that form A Question of Taste.

Darwin 200 gave an opportunity for people to consider Darwin’s ideas and how they have been developed and interpreted, as well as the impact and the relevance evolution has for our lives today.

Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust is the most diverse biomedical research charity in the world, spending about £600 million every year both in the UK and internationally to support and promote research that will improve the health of humans and animals.

The work of Trust funded scientists has helped to expand our understanding of evolution, in humans and other species. To take just two examples; research on the human genome has revealed patterns of human migration and ancestry, and work on the rate of genetic mutations in fruit flies has shed light on how sexual reproduction evolved.

As part of Darwin 200, the Wellcome Trust is funding three strands of public engagement activity, in the fields of education, broadcast and culture.

Survival Rivals is the Wellcome Trust's Darwin 200 offering for secondary schools. The Great Plant Hunt is the equivalent for primary schools – see the website for more information.

For more details about the Wellcome Trust Darwin 200 projects please visit the website.


Philip Harris

Philip Harris has an outstanding heritage in education, dating back to 1817. They are the science education market leader both in the UK and internationally, with an unbeatable range. Their science resources cover Early Years right through to Further Education and are for teachers and technicians who want good value innovative resources, relevant to the changing demands of the science curriculum.

Philip Harris produced and delivered the three kits for Survival Rivals.


University of Reading

National Centre for Biotechnology Education, University of Reading was the first school biotechnology centre in the world. Since its establishment in 1984-5, the NCBE has gained an international reputation for the development of innovative educational resources.

The NCBE has produced detailed protocols for Survival Rivals activities for secondary students, advised in the pilot stage of the project and written resources to accompany the experiments.


Guardian Professional

Guardian Professional is a commercial division of Guardian News and Media Ltd (GNM). We provide products and services to professionals across education, media and the public sector. These include marketing, digital content and web build, publications, advertising, consultancy, research and conferences and events. We have extensive experience of developing highly interactive, user-friendly websites, with years of experience in devising educational content for clients such as Directgov, the Department for Children, Families and Schools, Kew, EDF Energy and LOCOG.



Ignite! grew out of the pilot programme at NESTA (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts), to identify and support exceptionally creative young people. Ignite! currently delivers Ignition* , in collaboration with The Mighty Creatives and funded by the East Midlands Development Agency (emda). Ignition* is a four year programme of creative approaches to the learning and teaching of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), involving teachers, students, parents, artists, scientists, inventors, designers, engineers, film-makers, writers and journalists.