The Competition

Galapagos Islands competition winners announced.
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Age Range 11-14

Discover what colour worms your local birds prefer.
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Age Range 14-16

What do brine shrimp look for in a mate?
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Age Range 16-19

Explore antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
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Gain a CREST Award Using Survival Rivals

For the Survival Rivals competition to win a trip to the Galapagos Islands, we are encouraging schools to send in films or photos of students using the experiment kits. Why not encourage students to build on this communication work and gain an award from the British Science Association?

With further development there may be potential for the competition entry work to be accredited with a British Science Association CREST (CREativity in Science and Technology) Award. For more information about CREST, please visit the website


More information: CREST

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