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The Competition

Galapagos Islands competition winners announced.
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Age Range 11-14

Discover what colour worms your local birds prefer.
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Age Range 14-16

What do brine shrimp look for in a mate?
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Age Range 16-19

Explore antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
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Latest News

Gain a CREST Award Using Survival Rivals

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Not got a kit?

Don't worry if you haven't got a Survival Rivals kit, there are still lots of ways you can take part.

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'Taste test' for Neanderthal DNA

Recent research shows that the taste gene was present in Neanderthals as well as humans.

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More information for teachers and technicians

Have you looked at the other resources available on this site? Below are links directly to these, or you can explore each of the experiments by age group.

Experiment notes

Each kit in the Survival Rivals series contains teacher, technician and student notes to help you deliver the experiments at school. These notes can also be downloaded here:


For each experiment there is also a video to give you hints and tips about how to get the best out of each kit, and an interactive game to accompany the practical work. Follow the links to try them out: